Same Or Ten - Catchy
Number Puzzle Game


Original Same Or Ten game.

Newest puzzle game finally came to Android.

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Main Features

How to play

Simple rules

★At the beginning, game starts with three rows of nine tiles

★You can remove every adjacent tiles, that have the same value or the sum of 10

★The object of the game is to remove all tiles from the board.

★The game automatically highlights tiles, that You can remove

★If You need, You can make new tiles (the tiles that remain on the playing area will be copied)

Advantages of playing Same Or Ten

★Training the mind is not an easy process.

★There are the kind of logic games that focus purely on the thinking part, and then there are the logic games aiming on visual experience and entertainment.

★Same Or Ten is combining the best of both worlds.

What will players achieve when playing Same Or Ten?

★Player’s actions become more accurate

★Players will develop skill of planning

★Players gets rid of the problem of poor concentration

★ Player’s problems with procrastination will disappear in whole or in part (depending on the degree of training)

★Game provides brain development, logic training a fun and relaxing experience

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